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  • Máy chiếu NEC
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    The is the world's first professional gaming monitor adopting Motion Blur Reduction, to give gamers an ultra-smooth, blur-free gaming experience.
  • Máy chiếu Infocus
    NEC Filter-Free Projectors
    With filter-free DLP technology, NEC projectors give you the carefree confidence of long-lasting image quality and reduced total cost of ownership. With no filters to worry about, annoying filter-change alerts and time-consuming filter maintenance are also eliminated.
  • Màn hình ghép NEC
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    Driven by the vision of "bringing enjoyment 'n' quality to life", NEC aims to enrich what matter most to people today -- lifestyle, business, healthcare & education. Because it matters.
  • XL2720Z, The Ultimate Domination
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    The Ultimate Domination
    The PX750UG2 ...
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    With seven types of optical lenses available and the functions as motorized zoom and focus and motorized lens shift, NEC PX602UL offers great installation and set-up flexibility.
  • , World's First Custom-built CAD/CAM Monitor
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    The PX602UL is the first product in NEC's Pro Graphics (PX) Series of printing-certified monitors. PG monitor colors are so true that it makes soft proofing and professional photo editing a breeze.
  • Giới thiệu
    Digital Signage
    The magnificent digital canvas for truly brilliant ideas
    The comprehensive Digital Signage Series from NEC is the new-generation solution for effective visual communications with your visitors and customers.
  • Business Monitors
    Workin' Great with NEC
    Business Monitors
    Workin' Great with NEC
    Good ergonomic, along with everything else NEC monitors offer, goes a long way for your personal health, productivity and enjoyment at the office!
  • Education Projectors
    Education Projectors
    With a complete line of projectors, softwares and accessories, the NEC classroom interactive solution is a flexible set of tools that educators can use to enrich and enliven the classroom learning experience.